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nasal airway obstruction



What Is Nasal Airway Obstruction (NAO)?

Do you regularly feel like you can’t breathe easily through your nose? Maybe it’s affecting your quality of sleep, or you find it hard to exercise. If so, you may have a common and often undiagnosed condition called nasal airway obstruction, or NAO.

Common Symptoms of Nasal Obstruction:

  • Trouble breathing through your nose, or a “blocked” feeling
  • Nasal congestion
  • Difficulty sleeping, leading to fatigue
  • Struggling to breathe through your nose during exercise
  • Frequent “mouth breathing”
nasal airway obstruction



What Causes Nasal Airway Obstruction?

NAO is caused by an anatomical narrowing or blockage in the nasal airway that can hinder airflow and make it feel difficult or nearly impossible to breathe through your nose. People with nasal airway obstruction talk about feeling “blocked,” congested, or stuffy nearly all the time. Home remedies and medications can offer some temporary comfort, but for those struggling with chronic nasal obstruction, remodeling the nasal airway is a proven way to find lasting relief.

Not sure if you have nasal airway obstruction? Try these quick assessments to see if you may suffer from NAO:

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Cottle Maneuver

Learn How

This test helps assess improvement in nasal breathing.

NOSE Score

Take the Survey

This brief questionnaire assesses severity of NAO symptoms.

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Speak to your doctor to see if VivAer is right for you.


Get Lasting Relief Right in Your Doctor’s Office with VivAer

Some patients respond well to medications, and some can benefit from an invasive surgery. However, medications might only offer temporary relief, and surgery isn’t always the best option for every patient. With VivAer, patients can get significant, lasting relief with a non-invasive, office-friendly treatment.

How VivAer Works

With VivAer, your ENT physician will first apply local anesthesia to numb the inside of your nose and then insert a small wand into your nostril to precisely target and treat the blockage. The tip of the wand uses low-temperature radiofrequency (RF) energy to gently remodel your nasal passage to improve airflow. The treatment has minimal discomfort, and once it’s finished, you can typically get right back to your normal daily activities.

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Treatment That Lasts. Clinically Proven.

In a two-year clinical study,2 patients were consistently satisfied with the results of their VivAer treatments:

  • 97% of patients experienced significant improvement in nasal breathing
  • 94% of patients improved their ability to get air through their nose during exercise or exertion
  • 89% of patients reported getting a better night’s sleep

The treatment

What a VivAer Treatment Experience is Like:

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1. Book an Appointment

You book a convenient in-office treatment. There’s no need to have anyone bring you to or from your appointment and no pre-surgical restrictions on eating or drinking the day before.

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2. Prepare for Treatment

Prior to treatment, your physician applies local anesthesia to numb the inside of your nose.

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3. Receive Treatment with VivAer

Your physician applies low-temperature RF energy with the VivAer wand to the areas of obstruction inside your nose. There’s minimal discomfort during the procedure.

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4. Get Back to Your Day

Typically, you can get right back to your normal daily activities with minimal to no downtime.*

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5. Enjoy Relief

VivAer relief lasts a long time. Studies have shown continued relief at four years post treatment.3

What are patients saying about VivAer?

With VivAer, it’s possible to find relief from your constant blocked, stuffy nose - and the life interruptions that come with it. What does freedom feel like? Check out this real patient story to hear how the VivAer treatment changed Diana’s life.

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Who Can Benefit Most From VivAer?

VivAer can help a wide range of patients breathe more freely. The best way to get diagnosed is to speak to your doctor about your symptoms and ask if VivAer is right for you.

You May Be a VivAer Candidate if:

  • You respond well to the Cottle Maneuver diagnostic test. The test is quick and easy to perform yourself – click below for instructions.
  • You have a NOSE Score of 55 or higher, indicating moderate to severe NAO. You can check your NOSE score using the link below.
cottle maneuver icon

Cottle Maneuver

Learn How

This test helps assess improvement in nasal breathing.

NOSE Score

Take the Survey

This brief questionnaire assesses severity of symptoms.

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Find a Doctor


Speak to your doctor to see if VivAer is right for you.

Join the thousands breathing better

With VivAer, it is possible to enjoy the freedom of improved breathing through your nose. What does that feel like? Hear what actual patients have to say.

VivAer patient Diana
VivAer patient Jamie
VivAer patient Rob
VivAer patient Sandy
VivAer patient Mitch
VivAer patient Charlotte

“Breathing is such an essential part of life. To be able to breathe through my nose and to feel like my lungs are filled, it’s an amazing gift.”


VivAer Patient

“Everyday when I wake up, rather than feeling congested like I had been before, I feel good as new. It really feels amazing.”


VivAer Patient

“After the VivAer treatment, the sleep alone was incredible. My breathing has improved dramatically.”


VivAer Patient

“Running was a night and day difference...I feel 10 years younger. And I’m keeping up with people who are 10 years younger than I am.”


VivAer Patient

“The sleep is the biggest thing for me. It’s much, much better than what I ever expected.”


VivAer Patient

“The VivAer treatment brought me to a point where I can live a normal life. It’s more than awesome. It’s incredible.”


VivAer Patient

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* Individual results may vary


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