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Deliver Lasting Relief from Nasal Airway Obstruction with VivAer®

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Many of the millions of patients suffering from nasal airway obstruction (NAO) are frustrated by their quality of life and would welcome a way to find proven, long-lasting relief from their condition.

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Small Changes, Big Improvements

The nasal valve is the narrowest area of the nasal airway and the most common site of NAO, accounting for two-thirds of nasal resistance. But as Poiseuille’s Law states, airflow is proportional to the 4th power of the radius, so small changes can deliver exponential improvements in nasal breathing.

The Nasal Airway Obstruction Solution Your Patients Need

VivAer is an office-friendly, incisionless, non-invasive procedure that offers patients freedom from NAO. Compact and portable, the Aerin® Console and VivAer Stylus fit seamlessly into any clinic, office, or hospital environment. VivAer is a convenient and efficient treatment option to integrate into your practice.

Who Benefits Most from the VivAer Treatment?

  • Patients with static or dynamic nasal valve collapse
  • Patients seeking a low-risk, effective, in-office treatment option
  • Post-surgical patients who still have difficulty breathing
  • Candidates for traditional surgery (e.g., septum, turbinates) who could benefit from an adjunct procedure addressing the nasal valve in the same setting
  • Patients with moderate to severe NAO as measured by the NOSE score and/or who experience improvement with the modified Cottle maneuver

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A Powerful Approach to Nasal Airway Obstruction

RhinAer® stylus console

The low profile VivAer Stylus employs transmucosal, temperature-controlled radiofrequency (RF) technology, optimized for the nasal airway. Once the stylus is inserted into the nose, the Aerin System automatically maintains the tip’s target temperature for therapeutic benefit while sparing surrounding tissue, including mucosa.

VivAer enables you to effectively tackle many of the core causes of nasal airway obstruction with one treatment:

  • Durably remodels nasal cartilage and soft tissue
  • Single solution that treats the entire nasal valve, including lateral wall, inferior turbinate, and septal swell body:
    • Increases nasal valve radius to improve airflow
    • Shrinks submucosal tissue of the inferior turbinate
    • Reduces soft tissue obstruction on the septum

Deliver lasting relief from nasal airway obstruction.

Results from a pivotal follow-up study2,3

96.4% NOSE score responder rate through 48 months

94% of patients reported improved breathing through their nose during exercise or exertion.2

68.3% Reduction in NAO Symptoms (NOSE Score) through 48 months

>60% of patients reported using fewer or less frequent oral medications, nasal sprays and nasal breathing strips.2

VivAer is a well-tolerated procedure that can be performed safely to reduce the symptoms of Nasal Airway Obstruction.

0 serious adverse events related to the device and/or procedure were observed in the study1

Patients experienced improvements across a broad set of quality of life (QoL) measures

All 5 components of the NOSE Scale (nasal congestion, nasal blockage, trouble breathing, trouble sleeping, and being unable to get enough air during exercise) demonstrated improvement.

VivAer symptom improvement data

Study design: Prospective, non-randomized, multi-center, extended follow-up study to determine if safety and efficacy results achieved at the 6-month timepoint for the VivAer® pivotal trial would be sustained at the 48-month timepoint.

Patients: A total of 29 subjects who were treated with the VivAer® Stylus in the 50-subject TP258 interventional study were followed up to 48 months.

Primary endpoint:
Change from baseline NOSE score to 12-, 18-, and 24-months post-procedure; number and percentage of participants with positive response on QoL assessment items at 12-, 18-, and 24-months post-procedure; change from baseline NOSE score to 36-, 48-, and 60-months post-procedure; number and percentage of participants with positive response on QoL assessment items.

Download the full Clinical Summary

VivAer clinical summary

Improving Patient Lives with VivAer

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VivAer Patient

“Everyday when I wake up, rather than feeling congested like I had been before, I feel good as new. It really feels amazing.”

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  1. Jacobowitz, O., Driver, M. and Ephrat, M. (2019), In-office treatment of nasal valve obstruction using a novel, bipolar radiofrequency device. Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology, 4: 211-217.
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1 Console, 2 Powerful Treatments

The VivAer Stylus plugs into the compact and portable Aerin® Console. The console may also be used with the RhinAer® Stylus to deliver comprehensive, durable treatment for chronic rhinitis.
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